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Hi all, it’s amazing to say that this book has been adapted into an 8 part live-action series. It will be a Netflix original and you can watch it starting in early 2018. Add it to your List so you don’t miss it.


2013 Ignatz Award Winner: Outstanding Minicomic (Issue 16 of the original series)

A “Notable Comic” in The Best American Comics 2013 (Issues 1-7 of the original series)

Named one of Wired’s Best Comics of 2013

Named one of ComicsAlliance’s Best Comic Books of 2013

Ranked #4 (tie) on the Publishers Weekly Comics World 2013 Critics’ Poll

One of Comics Bulletin’s Top 10 Original Graphic Novels of 2013

Ranked #4 on The North Adams Transcript’s Top 10 Graphic Novels of 2013 by John Seven

Ranked #6 on The Best Comics of 2013 by Timothy Callahan of Comic Book Resources

Ranked #24 on Rob Clough’s Best of 2013: Top 25 Long-Form Comics at High-Low

One of Locust Moon’s Top 40 Comics of 2013


TEOTFW follows James and Alyssa, two teenagers living a seemingly typical teen experience as they face the fear of coming adulthood. Forsman tells their story through each character’s perspective, jumping between points of view with each chapter. But quickly, this somewhat familiar teenage experience takes a more nihilistic turn as James’s character exhibits a rapidly forming sociopathy that threatens both of their futures. He harbors violent fantasies and begins to act on them, while Alyssa remains as willfully ignorant for as long as she can, blinded by young love.


Forsman’s story highlights the disdain, fear and existential search that many teenagers fear, but through a road trip drama that owes as much to Badlands as The Catcher in the Rye. Forsman’s inviting, Charles Schulz-influenced style lends a deadpan quality that underscores the narrative’s tension. The End of the Fucking World is certain to be one of the most talked-about graphic novels of 2013.

Forsman is arguably the most acclaimed talent to come out of the Center for Cartoon Studies, a school founded in 2004 by graphic novelist James Sturm and educator Michelle Ollie in White River Junction, VT. Forsman graduated in 2008 and is a two-time Ignatz Award-winner for his self-published minicomic, Snake Oil. The End of the Fucking World is his first graphic novel.

l’employe du moi (french edition)
001 Edizioni (italian edition)